Wild Side Photography

Pixie at Stow Lake
Costume and Photos by Don McCunn
An Exhibit at Castro Tarts

564 Castro Street, SF, CA
Nov. to Dec. 2016

This exhibit features the images below posing the question "What would it be like to find a pixie at Stow Lake in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park?" To order prints, framed wall art, or greeting cards of these images, click on an image below. For a detailed description of how the costume was made, visit Creating a Pixie Costume.

To see previous exhibits at Castro Tarts, visit The Archives. For information about future exhibits, add your name to the Mailing List.

Pixie Resting Pixie Leaving the Light Pixie Looking Through Tree
Pixie Hiding in Tree Pixie Behind Tree Pixie with Tree
Pixie Feeding Squirrel Pixie Smelling a Poppy Pixie with a Pedicel
  Pixie Stepping on Water  

Copyright © 2016 by Donald H. McCunn